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Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season

Kobe wishes to ring in the holiday season with this classic holiday dog toast:

“May your home be warm, your glass full and may your plate overflow with food. And may that overflowing food fall silently to the ground where I may consume its savory deliciousness. No seriously, I hope you drop your plate. I am very short…I like Turkey”

Photo Credit: Philadelphia Novak

I want to eat these pumpkins

I want to eat these pumpkins

Happy Halloween


Bella has recently fallen in love with the Wizard of Oz, so when we asked her what she wanted to be for halloween, we thought for sure it would be Dorothy. Nope. Wicked Witch of the West all day. It was probably the green face that sold her on it. At any rate we were happy to ablige as we’ve already got our own “Toto” dog to compliment the outfit. Bella spent the evening trick or treating around our house and got a great big bag full of candy to show for it. While our immediate neighbors are pretty lame with blacked out non-holiday homes, the houses just down the street made up for it. There were lots of families and kids out and overall it was a really fun night!







Just a typical day

This is how Bella dresses for a typical day at school. Nothing to see here. Same old, same old.


Birthday gift list

This is what Bella said she wanted for get birthday this year.

a new Minnie phone,
Toy seaweed for her penguin to eat,
Hulk hands, 
googly eyes to glue on paper,
a toy chair for her penguin, 
a tuba, 
fish cards, 
a trumpet, 
her own thermometer, 
and a little medicine box.


Ricky Johnson at Off Road Expo


Ricky Johnson is a Supercross Icon and I had the good fortune of seeing him race at the colosseum in 87. I think…Michael took us? I was a kid so details are hazy but I remember quite vividly seeing him come back from an epic deficit to win the race back from Jeff Ward (The Villain) in one of the last laps. Im my mind he whipped over Jeff Ward on the start -finish double, the crowd went insane and he took the race a lap later. Maybe my kid brain is over exaggerating the memory but its still one of my fondest memories. The hugeness of the colosseum and the excitement of the massive crowd as we all began to realize he might actually mount a come back.

Also, although Bill was doing everything is his power in the 80s to make me hate him, he was still my big brother and therefore I looked up to him and the things he thought were cool. I remember the day he came home after accidentally running into Ricky riding in the hills of Redlands. RJ let Bill ride with him and I remember him coming home and being genuinely happy and a bit star struck.

As a result of all of the above it was a real honor to be abale to spend a few minutes chatting with RJ at this year’s off-road expo. He was every bit as gracious to me as I’m sure he was to Bill and although he’s no longer a household name, he’s still a big name in off-road (successfully racing short course trucks in the TORC AND LOORRS Series).

Hanging with him definitely brought back those memories of the Colosseum and that amazing day. It made me feel like a kid again. Thanks RJ!

PS Here’s the call from the race. Pretty awesome stuff!!

Cheetah Run! at the San Diego Safari Park

Cheetah Run, SD Safari Park

The San Diego Wild Animal Park changed it’s name to the Safari Park and I’m having trouble making myself call it by that name. I’ve known it as the WAP for so long. It used to be the rougher edged little brother to the World Renowned San Diego Zoo but on our recent trip we saw that they are really putting a lot of effort into making it as first class a facility as the Zoo.

The Wild Animal Park was never poorly kept or in bad shape. The animals have always been priority every trip there was fun. It was just not as ergonomically thought out as the Zoo. The new additions however have made is so that everything feels fluid, clean and beautiful. They have added some new attractions too, one of them is the Cheetah Run where they let a Cheetah get out and stretch his legs for a 100 dash of a lifetime. We actually didn’t know that it was happening, we just sort of walked into it about 25 mins before show time and decided to stick around.

Man it was pretty damned cool to see a Cheetah doing what a Cheetah does best. I learned that at full speed a Cheetah runs about 67 MPH. As a means of comparison they have a dog run the 100 yards to show you that fast is all relative. Before the Cheetah runs the handler explains that there’s a good chance you won’t get a good shot, and if you do its going to be of grass or a foot. But screw that warning! When am I ever going to get to shoot a Cheetah running full speed unless I go to Africa on a Photo Safari (you can read that as never going to happen), so it was worth trying. I don’t know how the other photogs faired but I feel pretty good about my shot. It’s certainly not easy shooting a cheetah (with a camera) but I think it was worth it. Also amazing to see I def recomment the Cheetah Run and the “safari

Happy Fourth of July!


She’s got Jokes.


Bella told me this joke on the way to school.

Bella: knock knock
Me: Who’s there?
Bella: Grass
Me: Grass who?
Bella: Grass Microphone!

Wearin’ a Bandana like a boss.

Wearin a bandana, chasin down charlie. Running the dog park, thats just what he do.

Using the force

It doesn’t take much to get my family going towards the dark side. First Bella is scared of Darth, next thing you know she’s a Sith Lord, go figure.


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