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Ricky Johnson at Off Road Expo


Ricky Johnson is a Supercross Icon and I had the good fortune of seeing him race at the colosseum in 87. I think…Michael took us? I was a kid so details are hazy but I remember quite vividly seeing him come back from an epic deficit to win the race back from Jeff Ward (The Villain) in one of the last laps. Im my mind he whipped over Jeff Ward on the start -finish double, the crowd went insane and he took the race a lap later. Maybe my kid brain is over exaggerating the memory but its still one of my fondest memories. The hugeness of the colosseum and the excitement of the massive crowd as we all began to realize he might actually mount a come back.

Also, although Bill was doing everything is his power in the 80s to make me hate him, he was still my big brother and therefore I looked up to him and the things he thought were cool. I remember the day he came home after accidentally running into Ricky riding in the hills of Redlands. RJ let Bill ride with him and I remember him coming home and being genuinely happy and a bit star struck.

As a result of all of the above it was a real honor to be abale to spend a few minutes chatting with RJ at this year’s off-road expo. He was every bit as gracious to me as I’m sure he was to Bill and although he’s no longer a household name, he’s still a big name in off-road (successfully racing short course trucks in the TORC AND LOORRS Series).

Hanging with him definitely brought back those memories of the Colosseum and that amazing day. It made me feel like a kid again. Thanks RJ!

PS Here’s the call from the race. Pretty awesome stuff!!

The 2012 General Tire Mint 400 Premieres on SPEED TV Saturday January 5th at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific


As a great many of you know I work for Mad Media and we do a lot of work within the off road industry as well as own and operate the Mint 400, which is like the Baja of America. It takes place in March just outside of Las Vegas and has grown into one of the largest off-road races in the world. Apart from all the media + merch (website, ads, spectator guides, posters, shirts, hat etc..) that I am directly involved with, we also operate the race (along with Best in the Desert) and film and produce a TV show of each years race.

Some of you have seen the DVDs of previous years races so you’re familiar with all of this. For those of you that might be interested I wanted to let you know that we’ll finally be premiering the 2012 Mint 400 Race on Speed TV this coming Saturday January 5th, 2PM eastern / 11am Pacific. Mad Media is a small company and we all work very hard on different facets of the race and therefore what results is a team effort. For my part I shot stills during the race (which you can see here) but we all took part in bringing this race together, including Phia who helped out by selling shirts and organizing for race day.

She’ll attest it was a lot of work which makes the airing of the show that much sweeter for all of us. If you have some free time on Sat check it out, or DVR it and watch it when you can. Eventually we’ll have some DVDs of the full show and if any of you are particularly into off-road racing let me know and I’ll get you a copy.

Here is the trailer for the 2012 Mint 400 so you can get a feel for what its all about.

Some BTS shots form the Ford Shoot

Here are a few behind the scenes shots I took at the Ford shoot we did a few months back.

2012 Ford Focus ST

Mazda Speed 3

2012 Ford Focus ST

Ford ST Sessions – Teaser

So as a lot of you know I was on a couple of shoots recently we did for Ford. They are pushing the new Ford Focus ST that will be coming out this fall. The campaign is going to heat up with the web series ST Sessions that we shot over the course of a few weeks. As a lot of you also know I got a ride along with the man himself Tanner Foust so you’ll finally get to see footage of what the looked and felt like. I’m also hoping I’ll finally be able to share some of the photos I took while on set…

For right now Ford has only released the teaser trailer for the series. The full videos will go public July 31st and I’m sure I’ll be hounding you all to watch those as they come out but for now, check out this teaser trailer.

The Fabulous Fords Forever Show 2010

This years Ford show was a lot nicer than last year. It was super hot last year. This year was beautiful. This technically was Bella’s second show, she was there in her mommy’s tummy last year. Poor Phia was so miserable last year. This time around was cool and my parents came with us. That was a lot of fun to see all those wonderful cars with my parents and in particular my Dad. He was after all the one who trained me to be a Fordnatic.

He showed me all the cars he had and most of the one’s he wished he had (read an original Shelby Cobra and a Pantera). We looked at the Lightnings to get ideas for “our” truck. I want to add stripes now because of this pretty blue one I saw. Not sure if dad will go for it. We can both agree though that we need to paint the rims black, which is probably on the agenda for sometime this summer. He’s already done it on mom’s Mercedes so should be a piece of cake.

Anyway a good time was had by all, we didn’t hand out for the end when the cars leave. We think it would have been to loud for Belle, but there is always next year!!

Pics below:

Bella Update

So Bella is 6.5 weeks old now. She’s been sleeping great and only waking up 1-2 times a night. She’s growing steadily and adding new things to her repertoire every day. She’s getting pretty good at holding her neck up so she’s really close to having full control. She has learned the fine art of smiling and does a lot of it every morning at about 6 am. It’s really cute. I wish I could show you, but everytime she does it and I put a camera in her face, she fixates on the camera… and the smile goes away. I’ve tried to snap them quick but they are way out of focus. I’ll get a pic sooner or later. She’s also kind of learning to laugh, it’s sort of like a rapid breathing, but we can tell she’s trying. Soon enough on that too.

Let’s see what else, Bella is starting to “coo” and so in the morning when she’s smiling she’ll also sort of talk a little. I don’t think it’s what most people would call completely cooing. it’s mostly little noises, but she’s trying to say something. It was funny, today I was holding her in my left arm and playing chords with my right on the piano. I was singing her a song and she was kind of singing with me. She was just making long sounds kind of soft and drawn out and lets just say it was mega cute.

So that’s about it, things are going great. We’re really looking forward to the holidays and a great new year. We hope all is well with everyone and hope to talk to and see you all soon.

Here are some new pics of Bella, mostly of her playing on the bed and on her fun mat. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

So we hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, ours was wonderful. Bella enjoyed her first thanksgiving with a few bottles o’ milk and a long nap. Of course she loves to sleep when we are around other people. You have to catch her at 5:30 am if you want to see her partying. It’s pretty fun to wake up early!

I feel like this year was the best Thanksgiving ever, my parents are moved back, we are home owners now and of course we’ve got beautiful Bella. I’ve been wanting to thank Phia for a while now because she really has been amazing through the pregnancy and as a mother. She’s taken care of Bella better then I could have ever wished for and she still manages to take great care of me too. She’s an amazing wife, mother and my best friend to boot. So as a small thank you for all the things she does for me and Bella, I gave her a pair of diamond earrings. Read more

Looking back at the Wedding.

3.5 years later it was still one of the best days ever! Look at all those familiar faces! Check out the pic below…click on the image to view it larger!

Looking Back

Bella’s awesome new game!

Isabella DangerfieldFirst of all this is Bella doing her best impression of Rodney Dangerfield… she “get’s no respect”! What can I say the kid has a good sense of humor! Anyway, speaking of funny, Bella decided today that she thought it would be super funny if while we’re changing her diapers, she would grab a hold of her own hair and pull it as hard as she can until she screams bloody murder. That of course is the opportune moment to do it because the person changing the diaper has both hands full.

She did it to Phia and I on separate occasions this morning. Pretty awesome. You’d think a baby would have weak little hands. Nope. It took everything I had to release her mighty grip from her hair, of course all the while she’s screaming. I guess Phia’s mom mentioned the other day (before she learned this new move) that Phia did this exact same move when she was a baby. So yeah she’s mini-Phia right down to the bad habits!

Here are some new photos, Bella is modeling a new outfit courtesy of Mic. Thanks Mic! It looks great!

Slide show to follow, be sure to view full screen. Enjoy. Bella is 3 weeks old tomorrow!

Pearl Jam @ The Gibson Amphitheater Oct 1, 09

Pearl Jam!I’ve been a long time fan of Pearl Jam’s since I was a kid. I’ve seen the band… boy I lose track, between 10-15 times, and I can say this show was one of the best I’ve ever seen. The Band was really feeling it and the crowd was giving back what they were putting out . Really phenomenal. Believe me I’ve been to a few shows where the crowd was less than enthusiastic and the band really suffers because of it. Read more

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