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Fall is upon us and our tree out front is shedding leaves faster then we can keep up. Actually its occurring up and down the streets throughout our neighborhood so I don’t feel too badly about it. This past Sunday we thought it would be fun if we raked the leaves into a big pile so Bella could run, flip and dance through it. Bella was happy to help with her mini rake so I didn’t mind raking the leaves into a pile 20 times in a row. She was having fun so how can you say no to that?




We want (got) tacos!

Some of you may know going to a Laker game is awesome. As if you needed more incentive to go, when the Lakers defeat their opponent at home AND keep their opponents to under 100 points, all 19,000 fans (Even Jack Nicholson) get a pair of tacos courtesy of Jack in the Box.

I’m not one to take the gift of free food lightly, certainly not one that signifies a Laker win. So today I picked up my Tacos and relished in last night’s victory as I savored their greasy deliciousness.

Best part? The cashier handed me back my coupon with my card so I get a bonus 2 tacos! Is that a sign that we’ll be winning our 17th Championship this year? … It’s looking good so far!

Free tacos bitch!

Boom city.

Is it the Shoes?

I’ll admit it, I’m superstitious with sports. I spend inordinate amounts of time thinking about what jersey or trinket might best help my team, in some cases I will completely change outfit, or break out special items mid game or in the 4th for that added boost.

In instances of dire need I’ve been known to do some completely stupid things, like watch the tv in the reflection off some wall art so my staring at the TV won’t mess up some critical free throws. It’s insane and I know it. After heart breaking losses I’ve had to remind myself that nothing I did (or didn’t do) had any real bearing on the outcome of the game. I can’t ever make myself fully believe that.

Anyway The Lakers started off with an abysmal 0-3 this year, so I felt I had to break out my Tupac Purple and Gold special shoes. These shoes were a gift from one of my best friends (Buck). I actually kept them boxed for a long time waiting to unleash their power I was certain they possessed. Timing is everything and with careful use these shoes have helped us to 2 championships (back to back), most notably when I got them out mid way through the 3rd quarter in the integral game 7 against the Celtics.

Normally I wouldn’t take them out so early in the season, but #1 I was going to the game and #2 we just need a win to get things going.

We had several things going for us Sunday night. first of Al / Ezeree were going and Al’s a perfect 6-0 for live games which is a good start. I had on my traditional Kobe 8 and my “Pacs” for good measure. I also was accompanied by my good friends, Chris and Holly and my beautiful wife who’s always been my good luck charm.

I have to say I forget how wonderful it is to be at live games. I don’t do it nearly enough. There’s nothing quite like being in the same building as about 10+ A-listers and 19K of my closest friends. Looking to my left and seeing Phia smiling and having a great time just adds to my enjoyment. We’ve never been to a Laker game together, but it’s really special for me to share that with her and have her be such an enthusiastic partner. She supports my fandom entirely including all my superstitious ticks, regardless of how unhealthy they are.

All that good juju was too much for the Piston’s to bear and we won by a very large and comfortable margin. Some people call blow outs boring but that’s crazy, there’s nothing like watching a team you love dominate a game you love. Soak it in. It was a great night, wonderful company, easy going all the way through and … well the shoes did what they needed to.

Lakers Nov 2012

Lakers Nov 2012

Lakers Nov 2012

Lakers Nov 2012

Lakers Nov 2012

Lakers Nov 2012

Lakers Nov 2012

Lakers Nov 2012

Lakers Nov 2012

Lakers Nov 2012

Lakers Nov 2012

Lakers Nov 2012

Holy crap, I was officially a FAT boy!

ROLL OVER the photo below to see ME on Thanksgiving nearly a year ago today. dammit I was super fat. Man people must have run as I walked by for fear of being sucked in by my gravitational pull. I must have walked around saying things like “Me want food”. I’m nowhere near perfect now, but who was THAT guy and why did Phia ever stay with me? I am still a work in progress but yeah, at least there’s some progress!

Princess Bella

She’s just so cute, there’s really nothing else to be said about her.

Bella’s First Pony Ride

Bella got to ride her first Pony at the Orange County Fair this month, his name was “Shorty” and he was a fine brown stallion with a soft flowing main. She always enjoys riding the carousel horses so riding a real Pony was quite a thrill!

Click the photo below to view it larger.

Does this look like anyone you know? MOUSE OVER THE IMAGE BELOW…

The Comic Con Gang

2012 Comic Convention: Old school friends with a track record of being dorks came together in front of the symbol of geekiness (Han in Carbonite) for a photo. There wasn’t one of us that wouldn’t have gladly displayed that life-sized Han in our homes. If only it wasn’t so much money. Much more on the con to come, still sifting through photos!

Can someone please tell Martin to STOP TALKING when people are taking photos! What’s that you say? He looks fine in the photo below? Yes well roll over the image below to see what I’m talking about…

yes I may have adjusted my fatness slightly too, never mind that part.

Not too Shabby for a Self Portrait

Taken in the back yard, in the 15 minute window that a toddler gives you before they are over sitting quietly. The trick? tie a DVD player to a ladder directly behind the camera and have it looping Mickey Mouse Club House…

Self Portrait

What was I thinking?

Taking on a complete bathroom remodel? I guess ignorance is bliss because I didn’t know I couldn’t do it, so I did it. And it worked! 4 days, ground up remodel of the downstairs bath, new everything, floors, moulding, toilet, drywall, paint, vanity, counter, sink, faucets, lights, mirror, cabinet it’s all new. Came out pretty good too!

Brytni Photo Session

Here’s some pics I took of Brytni towards the end of 2011. I’m looking forward to shooting with her again this month. These came out pretty well but I know we can do better since we were pretty short on time we had to be quick. These shots came out of about 15 minutes of shooting. I’d like to see what we can come up with with a little more latitude and planning!

Brytni Jean

Brytni Jean

Brytni Jean

Brytni Jean

Brytni Jean

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