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Category: Graphic Design

The 2012 General Tire Mint 400 Premieres on SPEED TV Saturday January 5th at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific


As a great many of you know I work for Mad Media and we do a lot of work within the off road industry as well as own and operate the Mint 400, which is like the Baja of America. It takes place in March just outside of Las Vegas and has grown into one of the largest off-road races in the world. Apart from all the media + merch (website, ads, spectator guides, posters, shirts, hat etc..) that I am directly involved with, we also operate the race (along with Best in the Desert) and film and produce a TV show of each years race.

Some of you have seen the DVDs of previous years races so you’re familiar with all of this. For those of you that might be interested I wanted to let you know that we’ll finally be premiering the 2012 Mint 400 Race on Speed TV this coming Saturday January 5th, 2PM eastern / 11am Pacific. Mad Media is a small company and we all work very hard on different facets of the race and therefore what results is a team effort. For my part I shot stills during the race (which you can see here) but we all took part in bringing this race together, including Phia who helped out by selling shirts and organizing for race day.

She’ll attest it was a lot of work which makes the airing of the show that much sweeter for all of us. If you have some free time on Sat check it out, or DVR it and watch it when you can. Eventually we’ll have some DVDs of the full show and if any of you are particularly into off-road racing let me know and I’ll get you a copy.

Here is the trailer for the 2012 Mint 400 so you can get a feel for what its all about.

Bella’s Birthday now with more Carolyn!

Mom is the newest addition to the portrait edits I’ve done. There’s still so many more to do I’m trying to fit in doing one a day. That doesnt’t sound like a lot but working full time and then regualar life + a 3 year old keeps me plenty busy.


The Comic Con Gang

2012 Comic Convention: Old school friends with a track record of being dorks came together in front of the symbol of geekiness (Han in Carbonite) for a photo. There wasn’t one of us that wouldn’t have gladly displayed that life-sized Han in our homes. If only it wasn’t so much money. Much more on the con to come, still sifting through photos!

Can someone please tell Martin to STOP TALKING when people are taking photos! What’s that you say? He looks fine in the photo below? Yes well roll over the image below to see what I’m talking about…

yes I may have adjusted my fatness slightly too, never mind that part.

Jedi Master Andrew

I don’t know what’s more awesome, explaining why I did this or just leaving it completely ambiguous. Just know I took the photo here and did all the graphic editing to make Andrew our company Yoda into a Jedi Master in his own right.


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