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311 At the Roxy


This past weekend Phia and I went to see 311 at the Roxy Theater in Hollywood. Typically speaking we don’t get up to LA much. To me LA is ugly and crowded, very often shady and I try to avoid it as much as possible. But there are a few things that will get me up there, the LA Auto Show, the Lake Show (yes even this horrible season), friends like Chris Wong who lives there and of course a great concert. I will say this about Los Angeles it’s a city like few others in the sense that you will see something you don’t expect, possibly horrible or just as possibly amazing. That evening I saw a white Bugatti Veyron driving. It sounds stupid to say but I’ve only ever seen one twice before and they were parked. For those uninitiated, the Veyron is possibly the most exclusive and rare production car in the world. It’s got 1000 horsepower, it goes 0-60 in about 2.5 seconds, its got a top speed of about 250MPH but maybe the most intimidating stat, it costs 1.3 Million dollars to purchase. It was an exciting start to the evening.

Both Phia and I really like 311, and more symbolically we were married on 3-11. It wasn’t intentional but it does make it a little cooler that there’s a musical connection to our anniversary since both of us are so steeped in music and so much of our relationship revolves around it. It seemed appropriate as a belated valentine to each other. I haven’t been to many of the clubs that Sunset Strip is so famous for, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Turns out the Roxy is about the size of my living room, which isn’t saying much, but with concerts bigger isn’t better.

With almost no effort at all Phia and I posted up about 10-15 feet off the stage as the crowd slowly filled in behind us. Even at capacity it never felt overly crowded or claustrophobic. Maybe our only complaint was that the wait before the show was excessive, but Phia and I almost never get out and spend time just the two of us. So actually it was really amazing to just catch up with my beautiful wife and just enjoy being with her.

So after a few drinks and some much needed quality time with Phia, 311 took to the stage. 311 is one of those bands that surprises you with their energy and how good they sound live. Their style of music has the potential for sounding sloppy if not done right, but they are tight, well rehearsed and though it was a small show they played it like a stadium show. The downside of LA shows is always the LA crowd, it’s usually a lot of girls who are trying too hard and dudes talking too loud on their cell phone. Luckily because the show was so limited in size everyone there wanted to be there and was stoked from the first note to the encore.

To be honest I would have enjoyed watching a shitty cover band so long as a I had Phia looking gorgeous and smiling on my arm for the evening. At times I felt just lost in that feeling music blaring, feeling her warm against me. I knew there was a reason we got married on 311.

Father’s Day Video

Father’s day 2011 was just a fun, sunny beautiful San Diego day. This is my ode to a wonderful day.

Best when viewed in “HD” and full screen if your system can handle it. Let it load first and then it won’t be jittery on you.

Selina I’m A Wreck (Coffee Shop Dub)

I think this is awesome. I love how it’s all a single shot and Todd is not nearly the main focus, its really interesting.

Allison and Phia Cover Rhiannon

No practice, no set up, just pure jamming on a fun Sunday afternoon. Love this kind of stuff. I think Allison and Phia sound amazing together!

Steph, Phia and Nanse sing Amazing Grace Easter Sunday

We had a real nice time at the Lowry’s on Easter Sunday and had a bit of an impromptu jam session. Phia sang Amazing Grace with her mom and Aunt. Her uncle John played the guitar. Not too shabby for pretty much 0.0 practice.

Selina I’m A Wreck Video

Two talented friends, one amazing video!

My friends Eric (specifically Eric’s production team) and Todd (musician) teamed up to create a video for Todd’s song Selina I’m a Wreck. You don’t have to be nerdy to appreciate how good this sounds / looks ( but it helps). Nice work to the production team and Todd you know I’ve always loved this song. If you like what you’re hearing, be sure to check out Todd’s site for more great music and local show dates!

It’s worth checking out in HD if you’re computer can hack it. Otherwise it is presented in Standard Def below.

Damn Kids…

Why do kids kick far more ass than me?

Selina I’m a Wreck!

Hook my friend Todd up by supporting his music. Have a listen and if you like what you hear pass it along. His song is part of the Rock the Space contest on Myspace. Give it a listen!

Bella Jamming on Piano

it’s far to early to know if she’ll be a pianist, but as of right now she’s def into it!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

So we hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, ours was wonderful. Bella enjoyed her first thanksgiving with a few bottles o’ milk and a long nap. Of course she loves to sleep when we are around other people. You have to catch her at 5:30 am if you want to see her partying. It’s pretty fun to wake up early!

I feel like this year was the best Thanksgiving ever, my parents are moved back, we are home owners now and of course we’ve got beautiful Bella. I’ve been wanting to thank Phia for a while now because she really has been amazing through the pregnancy and as a mother. She’s taken care of Bella better then I could have ever wished for and she still manages to take great care of me too. She’s an amazing wife, mother and my best friend to boot. So as a small thank you for all the things she does for me and Bella, I gave her a pair of diamond earrings. Read more

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