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Category: Notes from the Support Team

Lightning Strikes…

3951627715_502b6a912e_b1Some of you know that I am housing my father’s almighty Ford F-150 Lightning in my garage. Or as I like to refer to it, my inheritance. I actually feel that it’s really fair to call it co-ownership since what’s my dad’s is mine and .. how does the rest of that saying go? Well anyway it’s in my garage and I get to drive it so it feels like mine! If you don’t know, The Ford SVT Lightning is a sports/performance version of the F-150 Pickup truck designed by Fords tuner division (SVT). Read more

Notes from the Support Team: We Are Carnies!!

Phia the Carnie!So I have to admit there’s always been a small part of me that has wondering how glorious it would be to be a Carnie (aka a carnival worker). I’m pleased to report that this weekend I got my chance and well let’s just say that it was less fun then perhaps I had imaged.

This past weekend Phia and I volunteered to work the Qualcomm company carnival with the proceeds from our efforts of course benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. First of all I have to say that they gave us totally sweet uniforms, which we later found out were recycled god only knows how many times. The uni’s consisted of a blank blue T, and awesome hand printed name tag and one of the nicest visors I’ve ever seen. I believe it was made of some kind of foam material, classy.

Our job was to pour soda’s for the attendees and on paper that sounds like it might be fun. However when people aren’t paying for the drinks one under estimates the shear volume of soda that thousands of people are capable of consuming. At first, the pace was slow and we had some time to look around and enjoy ourselves a bit. From there it was all down hill. we got hammered and it was all we could do to keep glasses filled. We had hundreds of 2 liter bottles and trays of ice and just had to scoop – pour – serve pretty much as fast as we could. As soon as we lined them up, they pretty much were gone. At one point I commented to Phia, “If I ever complain about my job, please remind me of this day”. Truth was it was hard work, but we had fun, people were friendly and it was as always for a wonderful cause. We closed the evening with an amazing Fireworks show and left for home no worse for the wear.

I’ll admit I have more respect for the work that the “Carnies” do, unfortunately for them it’s not all “fun and games” as you might think. It’s better to go TO a carnival then to work at one.

If you want to see me in my sweet Carnie gear then you’re going to have to click Here


Notes from the Support Team: Join me this Sunday!

Hey friends and family,

Phia’s running AFC (America’s Finest City 1/2 Marathon) on Sunday (Aug 17th) morning which will take her from Cabrillo National Monument all the way through the Embarcadero and up to Balboa Park where they will break the tape. If you’ve never been to an event, it’s actually quite electric and exciting. So Far I’ve been to the Encinitas 5K and the Del Mar 10K Iron Girl and they were both really fun. Read more

Notes from the Support Team

So, no I’m definitely not going to run a marathon. In fact I won’t even walk 1 mile, let alone run 26.6!! It’s just not my style, BUT I will support Phia in any way I can. I’m very proud of her and her efforts! She’s a super star and I love her! Thank you to EVERYONE who has been involved and shown support, whether that’s been through a donation or your kind words. That really means a lot to her and I thank you for it. Team Phi Bear – Go Phia!
Go Phia Go!

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