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Fall is upon us and our tree out front is shedding leaves faster then we can keep up. Actually its occurring up and down the streets throughout our neighborhood so I don’t feel too badly about it. This past Sunday we thought it would be fun if we raked the leaves into a big pile so Bella could run, flip and dance through it. Bella was happy to help with her mini rake so I didn’t mind raking the leaves into a pile 20 times in a row. She was having fun so how can you say no to that?




What was I thinking?

Taking on a complete bathroom remodel? I guess ignorance is bliss because I didn’t know I couldn’t do it, so I did it. And it worked! 4 days, ground up remodel of the downstairs bath, new everything, floors, moulding, toilet, drywall, paint, vanity, counter, sink, faucets, lights, mirror, cabinet it’s all new. Came out pretty good too!

Lightning Strikes…

3951627715_502b6a912e_b1Some of you know that I am housing my father’s almighty Ford F-150 Lightning in my garage. Or as I like to refer to it, my inheritance. I actually feel that it’s really fair to call it co-ownership since what’s my dad’s is mine and .. how does the rest of that saying go? Well anyway it’s in my garage and I get to drive it so it feels like mine! If you don’t know, The Ford SVT Lightning is a sports/performance version of the F-150 Pickup truck designed by Fords tuner division (SVT). Read more

Shamu Is Watching You!

Shamu!!For my birthday Phia got us annual passes to Sea World! She knows that I grew up going to Sea World and that I have a real attachment to going. It was wonderful of her to get me such a great gift and I look forward to watching Bella grow up with Shamu like I did. We went recently to get re acquainted with the park, Read more

The Housewarming Party

House WarmingThe house was finally put together enough to share with our friends and family. the “remodel” felt like it took forever, but realistically it only took a few months. In the grand scheme of things that’s not bad. It was really exciting to be able to entertain for the first time and it was just wonderful! Entertaining has always been something we have wanted to do, but our places, while comfortable for us, have been too small to really have parties. Thanks to everyone who came out and spent some time with us, and for all the amazing house warming gifts you brought. We’ve found perfect spots for all the plants and decorations, they really helped to make our house a home! Read more

Glorious Grass!

Grass!I never realized how wonderful grass is / could be until we got this home. Those of you that saw it when we bought it know how horrible the yard was. There was literally 0 maintenance done to the yard while it was on the market. this allowed the lawn to die completely and weeds to over whelm every inch of yard there is. Read more

And the baby is…!

baby-bella And the good news keeps on a’comin’! We’re having a GIRL! That’s right! A dainty little princess!

Bryan, his mom, and I went for the ultrasound today, and the Dr. showed us images of our little bundle of joy. She kept wiggling around during the ultrasound, but we were able to see images of her crossed legs, spine, head, feet, heartbeat, brain, and of course her little bum. Typically, they don’t give you a definite “it’s a girl/boy”, but in this case, the Doc said that she was 99% sure the baby was female. We all shed tears of joy, along with excitement and laughter. I know my husband was hoping for a little Jr., but he is definitely happy to have a healthy little Daddy’s girl. 🙂

We’re almost 100% sure we’re going to name her Isabella and she’ll probably go by “Belle” or “Bella”. You can see a picture of baby Belle above! This is the ultrasound pic we got today, if you look closely you can see her little head and part of her left hand! So Cute! Now I can shop for girl clothes, as if I needed a reason to shop at all! We’re so excited!!!

Finally it’s Official!!

Our House!As I write these words, the reality has still not quite filtered into my brain. In fact as I type I’m saying the words out loud to convince myself we’re finally there. We are home owners! We closed Escrow today! Many of you never even knew that we were even in escrow, and those of you that did, probably forgot because it’s taken so long. Read more

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