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Cheetah Run! at the San Diego Safari Park

Cheetah Run, SD Safari Park

The San Diego Wild Animal Park changed it’s name to the Safari Park and I’m having trouble making myself call it by that name. I’ve known it as the WAP for so long. It used to be the rougher edged little brother to the World Renowned San Diego Zoo but on our recent trip we saw that they are really putting a lot of effort into making it as first class a facility as the Zoo.

The Wild Animal Park was never poorly kept or in bad shape. The animals have always been priority every trip there was fun. It was just not as ergonomically thought out as the Zoo. The new additions however have made is so that everything feels fluid, clean and beautiful. They have added some new attractions too, one of them is the Cheetah Run where they let a Cheetah get out and stretch his legs for a 100 dash of a lifetime. We actually didn’t know that it was happening, we just sort of walked into it about 25 mins before show time and decided to stick around.

Man it was pretty damned cool to see a Cheetah doing what a Cheetah does best. I learned that at full speed a Cheetah runs about 67 MPH. As a means of comparison they have a dog run the 100 yards to show you that fast is all relative. Before the Cheetah runs the handler explains that there’s a good chance you won’t get a good shot, and if you do its going to be of grass or a foot. But screw that warning! When am I ever going to get to shoot a Cheetah running full speed unless I go to Africa on a Photo Safari (you can read that as never going to happen), so it was worth trying. I don’t know how the other photogs faired but I feel pretty good about my shot. It’s certainly not easy shooting a cheetah (with a camera) but I think it was worth it. Also amazing to see I def recomment the Cheetah Run and the “safari

Happy Fourth of July!


The 2012 General Tire Mint 400 Premieres on SPEED TV Saturday January 5th at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific


As a great many of you know I work for Mad Media and we do a lot of work within the off road industry as well as own and operate the Mint 400, which is like the Baja of America. It takes place in March just outside of Las Vegas and has grown into one of the largest off-road races in the world. Apart from all the media + merch (website, ads, spectator guides, posters, shirts, hat etc..) that I am directly involved with, we also operate the race (along with Best in the Desert) and film and produce a TV show of each years race.

Some of you have seen the DVDs of previous years races so you’re familiar with all of this. For those of you that might be interested I wanted to let you know that we’ll finally be premiering the 2012 Mint 400 Race on Speed TV this coming Saturday January 5th, 2PM eastern / 11am Pacific. Mad Media is a small company and we all work very hard on different facets of the race and therefore what results is a team effort. For my part I shot stills during the race (which you can see here) but we all took part in bringing this race together, including Phia who helped out by selling shirts and organizing for race day.

She’ll attest it was a lot of work which makes the airing of the show that much sweeter for all of us. If you have some free time on Sat check it out, or DVR it and watch it when you can. Eventually we’ll have some DVDs of the full show and if any of you are particularly into off-road racing let me know and I’ll get you a copy.

Here is the trailer for the 2012 Mint 400 so you can get a feel for what its all about.

Still Kicking Ass

As 2012 nears the finish line there’s almost nothing finer then a Warm summerish day in San Diego (in November). In fact the only thing that really makes it better is being with my family on a day like that. This year we had a rough summer but that only makes a lovely day in Nov that much sweeter. I think this photo just about says it all.

I love my Dad.

Some BTS shots form the Ford Shoot

Here are a few behind the scenes shots I took at the Ford shoot we did a few months back.

2012 Ford Focus ST

Mazda Speed 3

2012 Ford Focus ST

Bella’s Birthday now with more Carolyn!

Mom is the newest addition to the portrait edits I’ve done. There’s still so many more to do I’m trying to fit in doing one a day. That doesnt’t sound like a lot but working full time and then regualar life + a 3 year old keeps me plenty busy.


The Kids from Bella’s Party

I took photos of each of the kids individually since there was no way to light them all or group them all at once. Also it would be like hearding cats to line up 10 kids in a row. I was able though to edit the photos together and make a birthday panorama of all the kids in all their cute little glory.

Click the photo below to view larger!… Or click here to view in Flickr

Bella’s Birthday Photoshoot

I’m lucky enough to work with a professional photographer who also is extremely nice about sharing not only is knowledge but his equipment. I told him I wanted to set up a little “photo booth” for Bella’s birthday since it was a Halloween party. Vinnie being the pro that he is wouldn’t let me leave until I was properly equipped with 2 studio lights and the proper background, radio transmitters, stands etc..

What resulted is are easily the best photos I’ve been able to take to date. Working with natural light is doable and I’ve gotten pretty good at it. But having the studio lights was a real blessing. It couldn’t have worked out any better I got some really great photos that I’m still sifting through. I’m so glad that I was able to get such wonderful memories for Bella.

What follows are the first batch of photos I have been able to edit, there are quite a few more and hopefully I’ll be able to get to those in the next few weeks

Bella the Birthday Girl!

My Family

Mommy and Bella

Maverick Remembers

Bill's Family

Baby Emmie - Boo

Neimiah - TMNT




Sophia - Minnie Mouse

Sith Dino Lords

Tim & Miss Gayle

San Diego Children’s Museum

This year Phia asked me what I wanted to do on my Birthday. I decided that I just wanted to do something fun that Bella would enjoy. I decided that I wanted to take the train downtown and take Bella to the Children’s museum. Turns out Buck and Emmie were free that day too, so we all took the Coaster down and walked over to the Museum.

The Museum is an extremely cool. Its a 3 level contemporary building,from the outside it looks like its leaning to the side. Its a bit industrial looking in places and chocked full of recycled and repurpose materials. There are all kinds of things for kids of all ages to do and Bella had a really great time exploring all the areas.

They had a cool bounce tunnel, dress up clothes, thing to climb on and around and of course a bubble station. There was also a huge outdoor patio with a giant car made of clay and about 10 absolutely filthy kids moulding things out of the clay the had pulled of the car. It looked like a lot of fun. it also looked like a giant mess, so we skipped that area.

full set here

Children's Museum San Diego Aug 2012

Children's Museum San Diego Aug 2012


Children's Museum San Diego Aug 2012

Children's Museum San Diego Aug 2012

Children's Museum San Diego Aug 2012

Children's Museum San Diego Aug 2012

Children's Museum San Diego Aug 2012

Children's Museum San Diego Aug 2012

The Lighting Experiment

A while back my friend and co-worked Vinnie lent me a streamlined 3 light set up. The intention was that I’d be able to practice shooting with lights since I never really have before. Vinnie is an extremely talented and successful photographer so learning from his has been a real benefit.

Unfortunately there was something wrong with one of the remote triggers and I was only sporadically getting all three lights to fire. Because of that fact I only got 1 single frame I was happy with that seemed to be properly lit. Because it was a learning experiment getting 1 frame was just fine with me.

My Mommy

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