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The 2012 General Tire Mint 400 Premieres on SPEED TV Saturday January 5th at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific


As a great many of you know I work for Mad Media and we do a lot of work within the off road industry as well as own and operate the Mint 400, which is like the Baja of America. It takes place in March just outside of Las Vegas and has grown into one of the largest off-road races in the world. Apart from all the media + merch (website, ads, spectator guides, posters, shirts, hat etc..) that I am directly involved with, we also operate the race (along with Best in the Desert) and film and produce a TV show of each years race.

Some of you have seen the DVDs of previous years races so you’re familiar with all of this. For those of you that might be interested I wanted to let you know that we’ll finally be premiering the 2012 Mint 400 Race on Speed TV this coming Saturday January 5th, 2PM eastern / 11am Pacific. Mad Media is a small company and we all work very hard on different facets of the race and therefore what results is a team effort. For my part I shot stills during the race (which you can see here) but we all took part in bringing this race together, including Phia who helped out by selling shirts and organizing for race day.

She’ll attest it was a lot of work which makes the airing of the show that much sweeter for all of us. If you have some free time on Sat check it out, or DVR it and watch it when you can. Eventually we’ll have some DVDs of the full show and if any of you are particularly into off-road racing let me know and I’ll get you a copy.

Here is the trailer for the 2012 Mint 400 so you can get a feel for what its all about.

Bella is ready for Glamis

Yeah ok maybe she’s driving a pink mini, but note the skills. #1 she’s driving crazy, right there is enough to have some fun out in Glamis. More importantly #2 she got stuck in the sand for the first time. If only it was THAT easy to get out!!

The Salton Sea Expedition

Salton Sea / Desert Expedition

Martin, Buck and I are all now aspiring photographers. Gathering our gear, we took a road trip out to the Salton Sea to find inspiration. If you’ve ever wondered what the dystopian future so many sci-fi movies have shown us would look like in real life, travel to the Salton Sea.

The Sea was a freak accident, that became a happening water resort town, that finally corroded into a wasteland. The Story is long but the short version is this, the Colorado River filled a salt Basin in the desert with A LOT of water. And so it became a sort of Havasue or Tahoe the Southern CA Desert. Hailed as the American riviera, a land rush occurred in the mid century. Stars stayed and played there and the land was developed hardly in earnest. But this Sea is not natural and a combination of Salinity, Pollution, floods etc.. made the Sea unsustainable and things quickly unraveled.

When they did, everything that was finished or in the process of being finished was left to rot. Building halted mid stream. Plots were left half finished and all of it was left to be reclaimed by nature or squatted upon by those willing to live in desolation.

My take is that it’s a colossal waste. The Sea itself is enormous, and is so large in fact that it has tides. It feels very much like being on the coast of the ocean, but in absolute isolation. If you’ve ever been to just about any beach, think about how long a stretch you see of untouched or developed coastline. In most cases it’s a matter of feet. At the Salton Sea it’s miles and then a shanty town or destroyed ex-hamlet of sorts.

If you allow yourself to image it in it’s heyday, you can see how this place could be the American Rivera. Coastline for miles and miles. If one were to water ski the length of the Sea top to bottom I don’t think you’d have to ever turn your boat around before you were done. It it weren’t for all these damned dead fish on the beach and the stink they create you might actually believe it were still true.

Given the Sea’s proximity to Palm Springs in the North and Ocotillo Wells (west) and Glamis (East) there is no shortage of people who would happily partake in a big beautiful lake in the middle of the desert. It would have a steady stream of people to keep any tourist town booming.

I could be.. really something. But apparently at least for right now, it’s just a giant waste. I realize that fixing the many problems with the Sea would be one of the biggest investments Ca could make. Literally Billions. And right now that seems a very far off possibility. But then I think about how much tourist money Havasu must bring in. Or Tahoe. Even Big Bear. And I wonder… would that money really take that much time to come back around? this place could truly be wonderful.

it’s all very interesting, certainly great to discuss and absolutely riveting to photograph. If you’d like to see more photos there are many more on the slideshow that follows:

Happy Thanksgiving!

So we hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, ours was wonderful. Bella enjoyed her first thanksgiving with a few bottles o’ milk and a long nap. Of course she loves to sleep when we are around other people. You have to catch her at 5:30 am if you want to see her partying. It’s pretty fun to wake up early!

I feel like this year was the best Thanksgiving ever, my parents are moved back, we are home owners now and of course we’ve got beautiful Bella. I’ve been wanting to thank Phia for a while now because she really has been amazing through the pregnancy and as a mother. She’s taken care of Bella better then I could have ever wished for and she still manages to take great care of me too. She’s an amazing wife, mother and my best friend to boot. So as a small thank you for all the things she does for me and Bella, I gave her a pair of diamond earrings. Read more

Looking back at the Wedding.

3.5 years later it was still one of the best days ever! Look at all those familiar faces! Check out the pic below…click on the image to view it larger!

Looking Back

Bella’s awesome new game!

Isabella DangerfieldFirst of all this is Bella doing her best impression of Rodney Dangerfield… she “get’s no respect”! What can I say the kid has a good sense of humor! Anyway, speaking of funny, Bella decided today that she thought it would be super funny if while we’re changing her diapers, she would grab a hold of her own hair and pull it as hard as she can until she screams bloody murder. That of course is the opportune moment to do it because the person changing the diaper has both hands full.

She did it to Phia and I on separate occasions this morning. Pretty awesome. You’d think a baby would have weak little hands. Nope. It took everything I had to release her mighty grip from her hair, of course all the while she’s screaming. I guess Phia’s mom mentioned the other day (before she learned this new move) that Phia did this exact same move when she was a baby. So yeah she’s mini-Phia right down to the bad habits!

Here are some new photos, Bella is modeling a new outfit courtesy of Mic. Thanks Mic! It looks great!

Slide show to follow, be sure to view full screen. Enjoy. Bella is 3 weeks old tomorrow!

Pearl Jam @ The Gibson Amphitheater Oct 1, 09

Pearl Jam!I’ve been a long time fan of Pearl Jam’s since I was a kid. I’ve seen the band… boy I lose track, between 10-15 times, and I can say this show was one of the best I’ve ever seen. The Band was really feeling it and the crowd was giving back what they were putting out . Really phenomenal. Believe me I’ve been to a few shows where the crowd was less than enthusiastic and the band really suffers because of it. Read more

Lightning Strikes…

3951627715_502b6a912e_b1Some of you know that I am housing my father’s almighty Ford F-150 Lightning in my garage. Or as I like to refer to it, my inheritance. I actually feel that it’s really fair to call it co-ownership since what’s my dad’s is mine and .. how does the rest of that saying go? Well anyway it’s in my garage and I get to drive it so it feels like mine! If you don’t know, The Ford SVT Lightning is a sports/performance version of the F-150 Pickup truck designed by Fords tuner division (SVT). Read more

Shamu Is Watching You!

Shamu!!For my birthday Phia got us annual passes to Sea World! She knows that I grew up going to Sea World and that I have a real attachment to going. It was wonderful of her to get me such a great gift and I look forward to watching Bella grow up with Shamu like I did. We went recently to get re acquainted with the park, Read more

And the baby is…!

baby-bella And the good news keeps on a’comin’! We’re having a GIRL! That’s right! A dainty little princess!

Bryan, his mom, and I went for the ultrasound today, and the Dr. showed us images of our little bundle of joy. She kept wiggling around during the ultrasound, but we were able to see images of her crossed legs, spine, head, feet, heartbeat, brain, and of course her little bum. Typically, they don’t give you a definite “it’s a girl/boy”, but in this case, the Doc said that she was 99% sure the baby was female. We all shed tears of joy, along with excitement and laughter. I know my husband was hoping for a little Jr., but he is definitely happy to have a healthy little Daddy’s girl. 🙂

We’re almost 100% sure we’re going to name her Isabella and she’ll probably go by “Belle” or “Bella”. You can see a picture of baby Belle above! This is the ultrasound pic we got today, if you look closely you can see her little head and part of her left hand! So Cute! Now I can shop for girl clothes, as if I needed a reason to shop at all! We’re so excited!!!

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