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Bella’s Observations and Comments


1. Yesterday at Target Bella dropped a jacket that she had tried on. I said

“Bella pick up that jacket, you can’t leave that on the floor”

so she picks it up and looks at me and says:

“Here you go your highness”

I have no idea where she got that one from

2. Also last night Bella looked up at the moon and declared:

“the Moon’s not a crescent it’s a circle”

311 At the Roxy


This past weekend Phia and I went to see 311 at the Roxy Theater in Hollywood. Typically speaking we don’t get up to LA much. To me LA is ugly and crowded, very often shady and I try to avoid it as much as possible. But there are a few things that will get me up there, the LA Auto Show, the Lake Show (yes even this horrible season), friends like Chris Wong who lives there and of course a great concert. I will say this about Los Angeles it’s a city like few others in the sense that you will see something you don’t expect, possibly horrible or just as possibly amazing. That evening I saw a white Bugatti Veyron driving. It sounds stupid to say but I’ve only ever seen one twice before and they were parked. For those uninitiated, the Veyron is possibly the most exclusive and rare production car in the world. It’s got 1000 horsepower, it goes 0-60 in about 2.5 seconds, its got a top speed of about 250MPH but maybe the most intimidating stat, it costs 1.3 Million dollars to purchase. It was an exciting start to the evening.

Both Phia and I really like 311, and more symbolically we were married on 3-11. It wasn’t intentional but it does make it a little cooler that there’s a musical connection to our anniversary since both of us are so steeped in music and so much of our relationship revolves around it. It seemed appropriate as a belated valentine to each other. I haven’t been to many of the clubs that Sunset Strip is so famous for, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Turns out the Roxy is about the size of my living room, which isn’t saying much, but with concerts bigger isn’t better.

With almost no effort at all Phia and I posted up about 10-15 feet off the stage as the crowd slowly filled in behind us. Even at capacity it never felt overly crowded or claustrophobic. Maybe our only complaint was that the wait before the show was excessive, but Phia and I almost never get out and spend time just the two of us. So actually it was really amazing to just catch up with my beautiful wife and just enjoy being with her.

So after a few drinks and some much needed quality time with Phia, 311 took to the stage. 311 is one of those bands that surprises you with their energy and how good they sound live. Their style of music has the potential for sounding sloppy if not done right, but they are tight, well rehearsed and though it was a small show they played it like a stadium show. The downside of LA shows is always the LA crowd, it’s usually a lot of girls who are trying too hard and dudes talking too loud on their cell phone. Luckily because the show was so limited in size everyone there wanted to be there and was stoked from the first note to the encore.

To be honest I would have enjoyed watching a shitty cover band so long as a I had Phia looking gorgeous and smiling on my arm for the evening. At times I felt just lost in that feeling music blaring, feeling her warm against me. I knew there was a reason we got married on 311.

Welcome home Kobe

So this weekend we welcomed home the newest member of the Novak family, Mr. Kobe Bean Novak. Little man is a 5lb Chihuahua – terrier mix, he’s all black and he’s absolutely the sweetest dog ever. Because he’s a mix we’re not totally sure how big he’s going to get but probably no bigger then 15-20lbs. He’s only 3 months old so were working through the potty training and all that but he’s a smart little guy and I think he’s going to get it pretty quick. He’s integrating into the household surprisingly well. The cats are being cool and I think maybe it’s a combo of him being very small and non-imposing and him being a puppy and innocent. They seem most interested in eating his food then anything he does himself. I’m still watching him closely just to make sure louis doesn’t whack him on the head.

Bella is over-the-moon and non stop excited. She wants to do everything, feed him, walk him, hold him, pet him. She’s in love. She’s been a handful because she wants to do everything “herself” but I know a lot of that is her being overly stimulated by the new puppy. I know (because I’ve been there) that she and Kobe are going to be best friends forever. Seeing them spend time together is the cutest thing ever. I’m sure I’ll get some great photos of that sooner or later.

We got Kobe from Helen Woodward adoption facility out in Rancho Santa Fe which is an absolutely gorgeous section of North County SD It feels good to help out and give a loving home to a more than deserving pup. Kobe was last of his 3 other siblings to get a home so I’m happy to say now his whole family are in forever homes. Really the only hard part of going to Helen Woodward is knowing that you cannot take all the animals there and give them the love they all deserve.

The good news is that Helen Woodward is a top grade facility and takes excellent care of their animals. Even if you’re not in the market for an adoption, the drive is lovely and it’s always fun to pet some dogs and cats.

I haven’t gotten a chance to snap any real photos of him yet, but here are some short video clips and him puppying around.

Temecula’s Next Top Model

I’m not sure how an innocent wine tasting turned into a casting for America’s Next Top Model, I guess drinks and sunshine do tend to have that effect girls?

The Wine Tasting Crew Redux

Bryt and Phi Bear

Serious Genetics.


Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!


I took this picture at the South Coast Winery with the 2.8. I tried to use a quick shutter to “freeze the time” but the wings move so fast that they are still blurry…

Wine Tasting in Temecula

Bella Update Dec 2010

Once again it’s time for a little update on Miss Bella’s progress into the ever increasing world of the big kids. Every minute it seems there is something new, Phia and I find ourselves constantly saying “Did you just (hear / see) that!”. I guess we have new parent syndrome still, but it’s all very exciting for us. Bella is just slightly over 13mo old and she’s absolutely a toddler now. No more “baby” references thank you very much.

Since our last update, our little baby had her 1 year birthday! She cried when we tried to put a hat on her and daintily ate her cake. She’s very careful as to what and how she eats, its funny how kids have personalities right from the start.

So what is Bella up to these days?

Size: Bella is about 31″ tall and approx 24lbs, which doesn’t sound like a lot but she’s still not getting the “hang on” concept of being held, so she’s just dead weight like a sack of potatoes. I should be getting pretty buff any day now.

Mobility: So Bella is running now. Not full throttle but she’s pretty fast. She’s still kind of drunken sailorish and will wobble and crash, but she’s pretty stable. Shoes also throw her off a bit and make her more wobbly but she can still run pretty fast in them. She’s also at the point where she wants to explore everything and wants to walk. We spend a lot of time walking through the Mall, Target, stuff like that and she makes it a point to touch every single thing she can get within her reach. She’s extremely independent so I can follow her but she doesn’t much like me holding her hand or re directing her motion.

Sounds: Bella is a mega chatter box, she talks all the time. Of course its mostly baby talk that sounds like a mix of Korean and German. She like to repeat single words, so the other day Phia was telling her to jump (she does so by crouching and then springing her legs and getting absolutely NO AIR whatsoever .. and then falling down). Anyway for about 20 minutes she just kept saying “Jup, jup, jup…”. Whatever she says its with conviction. Its pretty funny because although its baby talk she’ll say her sentences in a tone that you can understand. Sometimes its’ scolding the cat with a wagging pointing finger, other times its a girly sing song delivery.

Bella also loves to “read” books out loud. She’ll sit there, turn the pages and say whatever it is she thinks the words mean. Never-mind that the book is usually up side down. Her real words are “mama, dada, hi, bye, baba, elmo and kitty” I haven’t got her to say “Kobe” yet but its coming soon.

Entertainment: Bella’s still just totally into Yo Gabba Gabba. She got a in car DVD player and she’ll just zone out on it the whole ride. Its really nice if we have to go on a long ride, she just chills with her baba and DJ Lance Rock. She’s still also into Sprout and their assortment of shows, the occasional Disney show and whatever other random cartoons she happens to catch here and there.

She loves to play with other kids. She had a serious game of chase at Nordstrom with a boy named Ryder she met while we were waiting for Mommy. Bella is also pretty into playing Peek A Boo. She hides either behind the curtains or she’ll bury her head into you and then pop out and try to scare us. It’s pretty funny she’s got a really silly and playful little personality that keeps us entertained.

Travels: We’ve stayed pretty close to home lately but we’ve had lots of visitors recently. Kris, Nick, Teryn, Kye and Katie all made it out and stayed with us, which was wonderful. Bella loved meeting her Auntie, Uncle and Cousins, she thought they were a lot of fun and I’m sure made Kris happy that her kids are all grows up.

We also had a visit from Aunt Jo, Uncle Al, cousin Nick and his girlfriend Christina which was an awesome surprise for Bill’s big 4-0. They too met Belle for the first time. We had a blast it’s always great to have company and Phia and I love to entertain when we can. Bella likes it too because she just gets to play.

Finally we hosted Thanksgiving this year for the Lowrys, Paynes and my Parents, that was awesome. We’re happy to finally break in our house in with a proper Holiday event. Phia cooked an amazing Turkey and we all ate until we were ready to pass out. What’s new? We had the Lowry cousins over night and Bella though it was amazing to have all these fun girls singing to her the next morning. I think she expects full 4 part harmonies at each breakfast now. think she’s spoiled?

Here are some recent pics of the baby…

Bella the jedi padawan

Bella's 1st Birthday

Pumpkin Patch

Halloween 2010

Susan G Komen Race for the Cure

Thanksgiving 2010

My Little Prepster

Thanksgiving 2010

A thing of Beauty


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