Ricky Johnson is a Supercross Icon and I had the good fortune of seeing him race at the colosseum in 87. I think…Michael took us? I was a kid so details are hazy but I remember quite vividly seeing him come back from an epic deficit to win the race back from Jeff Ward (The Villain) in one of the last laps. Im my mind he whipped over Jeff Ward on the start -finish double, the crowd went insane and he took the race a lap later. Maybe my kid brain is over exaggerating the memory but its still one of my fondest memories. The hugeness of the colosseum and the excitement of the massive crowd as we all began to realize he might actually mount a come back.

Also, although Bill was doing everything is his power in the 80s to make me hate him, he was still my big brother and therefore I looked up to him and the things he thought were cool. I remember the day he came home after accidentally running into Ricky riding in the hills of Redlands. RJ let Bill ride with him and I remember him coming home and being genuinely happy and a bit star struck.

As a result of all of the above it was a real honor to be abale to spend a few minutes chatting with RJ at this year’s off-road expo. He was every bit as gracious to me as I’m sure he was to Bill and although he’s no longer a household name, he’s still a big name in off-road (successfully racing short course trucks in the TORC AND LOORRS Series).

Hanging with him definitely brought back those memories of the Colosseum and that amazing day. It made me feel like a kid again. Thanks RJ!

PS Here’s the call from the race. Pretty awesome stuff!!