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The Royal Tenenbaums: Eli’s Artwork

Eli's artwork by Miguel CalderonI love Wes Andresen’s movies and in particular, the quirky, star studded Royal Tenenbaums. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about. In the scene where Richie Tenenbaum (Luke Wilson) is confronting Eli Cash (Owen Wilson) you can see Eli’s art hung on the walls of his meager aprartment. the Paintings are these completely random scenes of scary dudes on mini quads and dirt bikes wearing beast masks and attacking people. I don’t know why but every-time I see them, they make me laugh. I think what’s so funny about it, is that in the scene the paintings are prominently displayed and probably the most random and disturbing pics ever, yet they are hung as if they were portraits of sunflowers. Your mind is asking, what in the hell is going on with those paintings, yet in the movie they are paid absolutely no mind. The scene changes angles and your still saying, what the hell was that?? I don’t know it just makes me laugh.

After some research I found that they are indeed actual paintings by an artist named Miguel Calderon, and they were purchesed from a gallery by Wes Andersen. To be clear it should be noted that although Calderon is a painter, he did not paint these himself. What he did in fact was photograph the scenes then he contracted a painter whose style suited the result he was after. So perhaps its more accurate to call him the art director of these paintings. The collection (4 images total) are called “Aggressively Mediocre/Mentally Challenged/Fantasy Island (circle one)”. I know Buck is also a fan of these pics so I thought I’d post them up. Take a look. Caution, they are random and there’s some mild nudity in the last one so look at your own risk.

“Bad Route”, 1998
Bad Route

“Attack”, 1998

“Escape from Caca-ville”, 1998
Escape From Caca Ville

“Take Us Away from Caca-ville”, 1998
Take Us Away From Caca Villa

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